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Week In The Life™ 2022 | Ali's Thursday

There is a beautiful sameness to my days right now - even in the chaos of the comings + goings + puppy life. 

Wake up, take Betty outside, feed Betty, play with Betty, take Betty outside + walk around the yard and look at my plants, wash dishes, head to my desk and put her in her crate in order for her to nap and for me to get some work done, take Betty outside + walk around the yard and look at my plants, feed Betty lunch, interact with any kids that might be around (check in about plans and rides and food), wash dishes, head to my desk and put her in her crate in order for her to nap and for me to get some work done, take Betty outside + walk around the yard and look at my plants, feed Betty, play with Betty, take Betty outside, make dinner or talk about dinner plans with Aaron, wash dishes, hang out with Betty on my bed, take Betty outside, maybe watch a show, go to sleep, wake up around 2am to take Betty outside and then start it all over again about 5:30am. 

Of course there's other things in the mix: giving kids rides, picking up the mail, chatting with friends on the phone, taking deep breaths, marveling at the magic of puppyhood while also feeling exhausted by the paying attention, snuggling, etc. 

I'm also thinking about how so many things around my home hold stories that combine a past season with this season. 

It's been a week. It's been my week. In this moment, in this season. 

Here's a look at my Thursday: 

I am so happy that Betty is a snuggly dog. There's lots of nipping and training and also wonderful moments that give me a glimpse of her future temperament. 

Clean + dirty + clean + dirty. 

Last night Aaron and I had one of those passing by each other conversations about how we are both running on adrenaline this week. The girls leave for their other homes today and the boys are staying. Summer schedules are often a more casual mix compared to fairly structured week on/week off during the school year. 

My front porch jasmine is thriving and about ready to explode with fragrance. 

This jasmine moved into this house with me 12 years ago and it started living it's best life a few years ago now. It's been with me through so many seasons of my life. 

Light, flowers, being outside, shape, form, scent, family history. So many things I love right here in this photo. 

She's already my sidekick out in the yard which is all I could have hoped for in a companion. 

The grinding of beans each morning is a very happy sound. 

Light and shadow and lines and reflection and curves and me. 

My big cozy robe that's been keeping me warm for my early wake-ups has gained a few new holes from puppy bites this week. I'm rolling with it. I also cleaned the stove last night. 

Last year I planted three astilbe and I love them, especially on these gentle breeze days where they sway in the wind.  

Me + Betty. I've been carrying her up and down our stairs this week when I bring her up to her crate in my office or my room. I know I will miss this someday. 

Aaron + Sam. Sam's been sleeping in our bed as usual when Betty is in her crate. He's very curious about her. 

At my desk doing some work and filling out forms for the girls to go to camp in the next few weeks. 

Anna + Ady chilling in one of my personal favorite spots and having some lemonade. 

They picked up some cinnamon rolls when they were at WinCo yesterday and cooked them this morning. Simon grabbed one on his way out the door to work. 

The lavender is blooming and it's one of my favorite things in my front yard. It's huge + so fragrant. 

Spent a few minutes while Betty was sniffing around pruning a couple things. 

Elliott chipping in + washing out his cup and straw. 

Girls getting ready for the day. 

Breakfast/lunch for me today at my desk (gluten free bagel and dairy free cream cheese and raspberries from the Farmer's Market). 

I'm trying to capture the variety of her sleeping positions in her crate. 

Here for all these roses blooming. I'm considering pulling out a few things in order to plant more varieties. 

Audrey had friends over today for a sleepover. We are really low key with sleepovers here - pretty sure we had additional kids here every night this week. I love it. 

Aaron checking out the NBA draft + cheering on the Blazer's pick. 

Light and shadow and water and growth. 

On days when I just feel done by early evening I've been enjoying watching Iron Chef again. 

This is the photo I really wanted this week. I need to do a project that collects all the shots I've taken of Simon like this over the years. 

And Aaron took this one of my when he came up to bed. I've got my leg out (I get hot) and I've got a hand on Betty's paw. She hangs out with me on the bed and then Aaron takes her out one more time and then puts her in the crate.

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2 thoughts

  1. jchurch2 says…

    Ali, I love looking at your pictures each day!! You have a great eye. Betty is delightful, growing every day. I love the photo of you and her in the mirror. Your yard is lovely. Your family is lovely. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Reply 0 Replies
  2. Mel_12 says…

    Oh Ali. You made me laugh out loud and shed a tear too. Your opening paragraph is just wonderful and a great way to document the repetition. Especially loved you looking at your plants on repeat. I am guilty of that pleasure.

    And of course Betty is adorable.

    Reply 0 Replies