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Week In The Life™ 2022 | Ali's Friday

Historically Friday's tend to be a day in this project when I have fewer photos. 

It's normal to feel some fatigue (or a lot) with the documenting and whatever you do end up recording will still tell pieces of your story whether you have one photo, no photos + some words, or lots of photos. 

For Friday I'm choosing to wait to write out my story. I have notes in my Notes app to refer to when I start constructing my project and I'd like to give myself a little time + space to bring a bit more perspective into my storytelling for today. 

There are two documenting days left and my personal attitude right now is simply to keep picking up my camera and keep paying attention to what's real in my own life right now. 

Here's a look at pieces of my Friday: 

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7 thoughts

  1. ScrappinMyHeartOut says…

    Friday was indeed a very heavy day at my house, and today is also hard.

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  2. iHanna says…

    The photos are beautiful, but without any words it's kind of not as emotional, not as meaningful (not a criticism just a personal observation).

    This blog post is like a perfect example of why we also need the journaling! 😜

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    1. northcarmen says…

      Have to say I disagree - I felt very strong emotions coming from all the people photos, especially the one in the car - many of them hard, sad emotions…

  3. Kirsten_Heal says…

    the hand on the heart, I think we all felt that one

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    1. KarineC says…


  4. Divinemsq says…

    I was looking through last year's WITL album the other day and one of my opening page photos was a screenshot of an Instagram post from Joe Biden declaring an end to the Covid mask mandate. I'm not sure how I'm going to document this year's news - whether it will be a first page large photo to express the enormity of it and how it encompassed my day, or if I'll stick it in the back of the day's section so that isn't the only focus. I have so many emotions running through my head that I don't want the album to be just about this one thing when it easily could be.

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  5. Lisabell323 says…

    I felt all of these photos. A couple actually brought tears to my eyes. No words necessary.

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