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Done By December | Special Guest Sarah Lambeth

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Lambeth and I have participated in December Daily® the past 2 years. For me, December Daily® helps keep the Christmas magic alive.  It requires me to slow down during an extremely busy season and take in each day one at a time. I get excited just thinking about this upcoming December!  

The first year I completed all of my pages for December Daily during the month of December.  Maybe it was because the project was new for me, or maybe because a lot of things were still shut down due to COVID. Either way, I felt so accomplished to have a finished product in my hands. This year, however, I was a little less successful in completing my album.  But the awesome part about not finishing during December is that I am able to join the community now and be Done by December!

The video below shows exactly where I left off in my album. 

As you can see from the video, I have fully completed only about 4 days and have another 6 spreads halfway complete.  That means that I have a total of 21 days and a title page that I would like to complete before the December Daily Prep Day.  That gives me about 9 complete weeks to tackle all 21 pages.  If I complete 3 stories a week, then I will be finished with all 21 stories in 7 weeks giving me a little wiggle room when things get busy and projects get pushed back to still get everything completed. 

In order to complete my album on time, I am going to tackle each week in 4 stages: 

Review my notes & plans for the stories Evaluate what still needs to be done  Collect the stories & pictures Have fun crafting

Even though I didn’t complete all of my pages during December, I have almost every story planned out with a drawing and notes written in my Day One app. This makes going back a little less intimidating.  I am also flexible with myself and allow to change things up as I go.  The main thing I keep in mind is have fun!  I am looking forward to completing my December Daily album with y’all!

Instagram: @smile_with_sarah

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2 thoughts

  1. calisonrun says…

    Sarah, I love your Christmas card layout! The vellum envelope pocket is so smart... I'm a card designer for Shutterfly and the card you chose is one of my designs! Small world:)

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  2. terrysehjad says…

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