an end + a beginning + my word

In between working on projects, still battling this ear infection/cold, getting ready for tonight's festivities, drinking coffee, etc, I cleared off the boards above my computer. I do this every so often and today seemed like a pretty good day to invite something new. I am also changing things up by adding some clipboards on the other wall next to my desk for project organization (inspired by Lotta Jansdotter's studio tour).

A fresh start. A new beginning.

I took everything down, put the things worth keeping in an inspiration notebook, and am now ready for new images, new words, new things to motivate + inspire + help me grow in 2008.

For me, in 2008, I am looking forward to getting to the heart of the matter - whatever that is. Clearing away excesses. Focusing on the most important things and not worrying about the rest. Taking a deep breath and beginning one foot in front of the other.

My word for 2008: vitality.

Vitality is the state of being strong and active; energy. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. Creatively.

Here's to moving forward. To fullness of life. To you and yours.

If you have decided on a word for the year I would love to read what it is - feel free to share in the comments.

Also: Loved this post over at Photojojo on Photo Resolutions. And I think this is the year I will do a 365 project.

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481 thoughts

  1. dr berry says…

    When I first read about this in a post last week the 1st word that came to mind was "ME". Over the past few years I have become to forget who I am. I am wife, mother,friend,sister, daughter, employer,business owner, hair designer, psychologist, chef, chaufer & vet. I am sure the list could go on & on.
    But I have put myself on the back burner for too long & I have come to the point of I am not sure who I am anymore. So initially "ME' sounded like a good word. The year 2008 was going to be about me.
    After some more though & realizing my personality is NOT a selfish one "ME" began to sound unrealistic.
    So I have chosen the word "TRUE".
    In 2008 I will be True: to my God, myself (which encompasses my art), my family, my friends, my career, in that order.
    Eventhough the word "JOY" is used as an acronym (I think that is what it is called) for Jesus, others, yourself. I can no longer put myself last.
    No resolutions this year- just being True!
    Thanks for sharing & I look forward to this next year.

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  2. Jeani says…

    Happy new year! My word last year was calmness.
    My word 2008 is Balance. It is important to be in balance for the inner calmness ;)

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  3. Danielle says…

    I think my word for 2008 will be LIVE! I have had such a problem living every moment to the fullest and enjoying everything and that's what I want for 2008!
    Feel better and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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  4. Linda says…

    I am so excited to do this again for 2008. For 2007 my word was Risk and ohhh what a year it turned out to be - so very full of risks and risk taking.
    For 2008 my work is NOURISH (myself). And this goes hand in hand with my 2008 intentions(i don't make resolutions). I intend to NOURISH (myself)in:
    Body (physical & mental)
    Mind (knowledge)
    Soul (art)
    Spirit (spirituality)
    Emotional (heart)
    Happy New Year, Linda

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  5. nikki says…

    My word this year is FRESH...
    in the middle of battling a nasty divorce that I had no idea it was coming - I'm ready to start a FRESH new life this year! I just moved into my new apartment and this will be the first time I'll ever live on my own (and I'm almost 30) so I'm ready for some FRESH new changes and looking for that breath of FRESH air!

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  6. Lee Longmire says…

    HI ali. Cool word!
    I was wondering if you were able to put a link in your side bar with pics of your studio?? I would love to see how you have it set up.
    Thanks heaps, and have a fabulous 2008! (hmm, fabulous might be my word for the year, because I sure as hell hope that is the type of 08 I have!).
    Cheers, Lee in Australia.

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  7. Kerry says…

    Hi Ali! You're such an inspiration. I think I might give the 365 photo project a try. I have a little more anticipation about this year than I've ever felt before. I feel like it could hold lots of possibilities. Though I'm unsure of what they are right now. But I'm excited! This is my first time participating in one little word. My word is LEARN.
    Learn to have more patience.
    Learn to not yell so much.
    Learn to pick up things around my house EVERYDAY!
    Learn to be a nail technician. (something I've wanted to do since I graduated high school and now I'm 25)
    Learn more about my camera.
    I have lots more to LEARN about but you also have lost more comments to read. Guess I'll be doing a scrapbook page.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

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  8. Sylvie says…

    I lurk on your site quite often and I wanted to take the time to thank you for the inspiration today... and I am inspired most days I read your blog. Happy New Year to you and Yours.

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  9. Jeannine says…

    My word for 2008: ACCOMPLISH - "To bring to its goal or conclusion; carry out; perform; finish."
    My focus will be to accomplish the goals I have set for 2008 - creatively, personally, professionally, financially, etc. I have already begun my list of goals, to be finished by tomorrow. I plan to frame them and place in a private, but prominent place in my home as a gentle reminder.
    I want to feel a sense of accomplishment in all areas of my personal and professional life. I want to become better about finishing the things that I start, and to stop procrastinating!
    Good luck to all in this promise of a New Year!

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  10. Cherie says…

    My word for 2008 is HARMONY. I will be working on having all of the parts of my life in harmony - a consistent, orderly or pleasing arrangement of parts and the simultaneous combination of things when blended are pleasing to all touched, especially me!
    Thanks for the inspiration. I've actually started my own blog!

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  11. AJ says…

    My word is JOYFUL - to be full of joy. I need to remember to look for the joy in what I do not just do thing for the sake of doing them.

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  12. Merry says…

    Thanks for the inspiration Ali. I think my word for 2008 will be....balance. I need to find balance in my life in so many things. Additionally I think it fits well with my 2008 goals. So, balance it is!

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  13. AOlsen says…

    I love this take on a New Year's Resolution. My word is Connect. For me, it is to take time to get together with friends, make play dates for my kids, love my husband and visit my grandmother more often. Originally I had in mind to connect with people but this word can be applied to so many areas in my life. Connecting with my health and body also came to mind.

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  14. Amanda Emerson says…

    Hi Ali,
    This is the first time I have commented but I am a long time reader...
    My word is "Present"- not "to present" but to "be present". This year I want to focus on being fully aware of the present, letting go of yesterday and to quit yearning for tomorrow. I want to fully embrace the everyday where there is no past or future, only now.

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  15. CarrieJ says…

    Okay ... my word is BE.
    You can BE anything
    BE all that you can BE
    I need to BE an adult!
    I should BE cleaning my house ...
    I'd rather BE playing with paper
    What do you want to BE this year?

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  16. rooruu says…

    I started my blog two years ago with a photo-a-day being one of its purposes (so does this make it a 730 project rather than a 365?!). It has been a great journey, one I'm still on. I've learned lots about photography, and have photographed things I'd otherwise have ignored and now forgotten - it's such a good prompt to catch daily life. I now won't forget that funny lunch bag, the luminous yellow lamington cake, the afternoon light which gave an unexpected grace to the cleaner's store at work...
    One good game to play along with a 365 photo project is to mosaic each month with the Mosaic Maker at Big Huge Labs (which works with Flickr). I haven't done this for a while, but I must do it again, as it's intriguing to see if a month emerges with a colour or repeated idea, as well as just being able to see all the photos together.
    My word for last year was Peace, and I was thinking about this year's word when I went for an early morning walk on the first day of this new year. I walked through bushland beside a lagoon, and used all my senses to enjoy what was there to be found. I blogged about it here:
    And as I came home, the right word for 2008 seemed to be Hope.
    Thanks for the inspiration your blog and work provide.

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  17. Jennifer Lynn Moody says…

    My word for 2008 is "TRUTH" - I want to concentrate in focusing on the facts. Not lying to myself about my surroundings or circumstances, getting to the heart of the matter, and not coddling myself with illusions of what isn't.

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  18. Lori Hudson says…

    From the saying "Bloom where you are planted," my word is BLOOM

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  19. Maureen says…

    mine is focus

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  20. Lisa says…

    I like your one word very much. Count me in too! My word choice is "faith" - I'm putting in a lot of effort, investing a lot of time and resources, and I need to focus on having faith that my efforts will come to fruition, by God's grace.

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  21. Sharon says…

    My word is NURTURE. Not just my son but our family, our marriage, my husband and myself.
    Last year we focused on creating what we have, now it's time to nurture them.

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  22. stephanie says…

    My word for this year is believe - in possibilities, in God, in family.

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  23. Susan R says…

    My word this year is PERSPECTIVE.
    Portions of the dictionary definition are -
    "a proper evaluation with proportional importance given to the component parts",
    OR "the relationship or proportion of the parts of a whole, regarded from a particular standpoint or point in time".
    Putting life and the individual pieces that compose this life into perspective is important to me this year. A fresh view, a new look; a New Year.
    Blessings - Susan

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  24. Talia says…

    My word for this year is SIMPLIFY.
    I want to work on keeping all areas of my life as simple as possible. Not too many extras. Learning when to say no. Focusing on what is most important in the moment.

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  25. Jo says…

    I didn't particiapte in this last year, but regretter it, and am looking forward to word for 2008 is NOW.
    Where we are living right now is somewhat temporary, so we spend a bit of time and energy thinking about what's next for us in life. Choosing the word NOW will hopefully keep us focussed on where we are NOW, to enjoy the life we are living NOW, to stop thinking about what might be coming next.
    I am also very much a procrastinator, so the word NOW is just so appropriate for me personally.
    I will spend time with my family NOW.
    I will call my distant friends NOW.
    I will start mydiet NOW, not tomorrow.
    I will scrapbook NOW, not later.
    I will clean my house NOW, not just before DH comes home LOL!
    Thanks very much for the inspiration!

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