Week In The Life : Wednesday Photos + Words


week in the life : good morning lily by you.

week in the life : reality by you.

week in the life : coffee with chris by you.

week in the life : coffee with chris by you.

week in the life : doctor's appointment by you.

week in the life : headlines by you.

week in the life : lunch by you.

week in the life : high-five by you.

week in the life : after-school play by you.

week in the life : wednesday homework by you.

week in the life : wednesday night swimming by you.


- Simon was up before the alarm today. When I got up I found him on the
couch cuddled up under a blanket where he had gone back to sleep after
not being able to locate the Darth Vader mask.

- Bagel. OJ. Clothes on. Wait for bus. Off to school.

- Working on financial spreadsheet. Working on establishing a budget.

- Chris checking out Facebook.

- Emails.

- Shower.

- Chris tells me “I like it when you are funny.”

- We head out for coffee and to my OB appointment.
Starbucks: decaf pumpkin spice for me, cinnamon dolce for Chris.

- Wait 45 mins for doctor ☺.

- All good at the appointment. Measuring a bit big which she said was a
good thing. Lots of political banter (love that about her). Will be
going to OHSU for second level II appointment on Friday.

- I love that Chris comes to the appointments with me. I love having a bit of time with him to grab a coffee.

- Planning to cook homemade chicken noodle soup tonight.

- Work on Designer Digitals releases for this weekend.

- Simon home at 1:45pm (every Wednesday). A high five to Chris as he leans out the window from the living room.

- In the house. “Stayed in green.” And into the Darth costume.

- “I am the best Darth in the whole world.” According to Simon.

- On comes Empire Strikes Back.

- Nap time for me on the couch.

- Chris goes to a meeting. I cook dinner (did the homemade chicken noodle soup and it was great). Simon does his homework. Fix Simon’s dinner.

- Chris comes home + we head to the indoor swimming pool. A Wednesday night tradition.

- We leave there with Simon in his PJ’s. Home. Brush teeth. Read book. Prayer.

- Work a bit more.


So how's it going? Are you still playing along?

I know it is a challenge to keep going. I find that by this evening I have found my rhythm. I am not capturing everything, but it is enough to tell a pretty complete story about our lives right now. I am not obsessing about the photos or the words or the stuff (I barely have any this time around)...just letting it become a part of my day without overtaking my day.

In the comments section of the last post Dena asked about stuff. So far I have very few things: a couple receipts, a copy of the paper, grocery list, a few things Simon has brought home from school. It's not a big deal if you don't have a ton of stuff - in the end we will just be working with whatever we have collected.

Make sure you are getting yourself in some of your photos. Use your self-timer or have someone in your family take some shots of you. You are a major part of this story.

Hope you are enjoying this journey.


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82 thoughts

  1. kat says…

    love love love this project! can't believe i'm doing it now, during an insane week of traveling prep and being 8 weeks pregnant. but so fun. kinda worried how i'm going to get all my favorite pictures in- any tips???

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  2. Wilna says…

    love this.

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  3. Heather Prins says…

    Still clicking away. It felt weird at first, but it is getting easier to get pics of me doing stuff. I think revisiting this idea every now & then is a good thing!

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  4. Stacy says…

    Hi Ali,
    Yep, I am still following along but feeling kind of overwhelmed...arrghh...I haven't stressed much about it, still feel somewhat overwhelmed by it for some reason. That said, after looking back on the photos of this week so far I am grateful I have them and will be making an album with them b/c they truly do capture a moment in time and a "slice of life" so to speak. I have to say again...I just love your photographs. They are so "real" and there is a certain quality in them that I just love! Thanks for this project and letting us follow along on your week!

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  5. heather says…

    I am stillg oing strong. I am actually finding the more days I get into it the more pics I take.
    I am not the best photographer, but it's going good.

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  6. Christina K. says…

    Thanks, i'm still hanging in their, this has done wonders for me, i'm still thinkin'

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  7. Elizabeth says…

    Hi Ali,
    Thanx for the constant inspiration. Love checking your blog regularly. Still chugging along...with the pics and the words. I'm actually enjoying the process, find it kinda relaxing. Everyone around me, especially my boys are asking why I keep taking these "odd" pictures of random things....by day 3, they're use to it now, even the parents and teachers at their school...they all know me as the lady with the camera. I'm finding this "assignment" as a really eye opener of how all the "little things" in our daily routines make it a one great big, fantastic, opportunity to capture our life.
    I'm also learning new things about my camera too...like how to use the timer...loving it! Thanks Ali!

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  8. Katie says…

    Oh. My Goodness. Your OB's office looks very familiar. Is that office across from Sacred Heart? Clinic for Women?
    Oh those anxious days of doing nothing but preparing, growing and waiting.
    I am going to try and get my lists and pic's up on my blog tonight.
    You are an inspiration!

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  9. sara says…

    So I have found the fact that I can't leave the house and I'm not able to do "more" a bit challenging. Literally every photo looks the same every day, so I'm changing the challenge to fit my life and grouping the photos into categories instead of days (Food, life, disability, connections and, of course, the dog). It's totally giving me a new perspective on things to photograph and how to look at aspects of my surroundings. It's been really interesting.

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  10. Rachel Smith says…

    I am just adoring this project. I love your style and your photos. I am having fun trying to think of new ways to capture to little things so that I don't have the same photos over and over each day. It's amazing how fleeting life is, and I am so grateful that I'll have a documentation of this time in my life, with my husband and my 11 month old daughter. I also think I'm going to use some of these pics to do the project Stacey Julian suggested, The Present to Me. Thank you for the ongoing inspiration and encouragement. Wow! Love it!

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  11. Melanie J says…

    I'm really not stressing about it too much. Trying to follow along. Tomorrow I fly out to my grandmother's funeral--so that will be interesting to have that part of my week.
    I had to laugh at some of your photos from today. We had a messy bed this morning and I thought about capturing it, didn't--but wish I would have. And I had an OB appointment today as well--37 weeks!

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  12. Kristin says…

    I wish photos were as well composed as yours, but I have really stretched myself to think more about the composition of still life during this project... today I spent 5 minutes in the car trying to get a good shot of the CD (sticking out of the CD player so you can read the words) the kids like to listen to in the car.
    I also had my son's swimming instructor take a picture of the two of us in the water (we are in a parent & child swim class) --- a little embarassing, but I am glad I have one :) I have had to do a little explaining about why I am walking around with a camera all the time and taking pictures of strange things like the gas pump, groceries and my daughters' cubby at school.
    Since it seems like we have a never ending supply of paper flowing into my house, I seem to have quite a few things in my artifacts pile --- target flier, coke bottle wrapper, clothing tags, cereal box, to do lists, and lots of "projects" from my 3 year old. Not sure how they will all fit in, but excited to try.
    Thanks for posting all of this, Ali --- I started working on recording "a week" last Thursday before I even saw your post. I knew I would need stuff for a CKC class and last Thursday was the last possible day I could put it off until and still get a week in... once I read your posts I felt like I had more direction for the project and was much more enthusiastic and serious about capturing life. I spent a while tonight printing photos and I am very excited to see how everything comes out!

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  13. Brittany says…

    This project has been so inspirational for me. I live by myself, so sometimes it seems a little ridiculous to record the nuances of my daily life. However, I am really liking how much attention to detail I am paying to my day. A year from now, will I remember that on October 1, 2008, Oregon was considered one of Obama's states? Will I remember that I wore a red skirt to work? LOL! It's the fun stuff. I also made a point to use my camera timer to capture myself while I work. Being a teacher it got a bit tricky, but looking at a few of the images I captured...it's so cool to see myself in action. I never usually have too much of a problem taking random pictures of myself...but I've never used the timer at work. That was fun, something I hope to repeat.
    Thanks for the inspiration. :)

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  14. Lady Scrapsalot says…

    QUESTION: When it comes time to make the album I'll be missing pictures of my daughter's preschool, which we went to twice this weeks and both times I forgot the camera. If it was you would you "cheat" and take a picture say next week and insert it, or just leave it out all together? I suppose I could photograph the art she came home with...
    BTW My kids love the camera around all the time. They keep yelling while I'm driving "Mum! Look! A fire truck! Take a picture! Quick!"

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  15. gardenymph says…

    Hi Ali,
    Yep, and I am loving it. I feel like I've been handed a very important assignment and I am enjoying the "work" that goes into it. I am in a little bit of danger of burning out, simply because I have been taking so many pictures, and then staying up way too late to sort through them and blog about it. I'm going to try to be a bit more minimalist tomorrow.
    I have to say that your OB visit pic really jumped out at me. What a familiar scene/feeling. I wish I had thought to capture that for myself at the time. Lord knows I've spent enough time in that exact pose on a similar table, waiting.
    Glad everything is going well. :~)

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  16. Heather in Washington State, USA says…

    I have only one camera, and it's a big one. I find myself not taking it out of the house, especially in the city where I might get mugged. It's just too cumbersome to take shopping when I'm balancing other bags, too obvious to have hanging around my neck on the street.
    So I am focusing just on what my home is like this week. The garden full of veggies, a tree dripping with plums, laundry, kids playing in the play room, home-improvement projects half done, etc. I'm photographing mundane things I never considered important, and corners of rooms that are often out of focus in family candids.

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  17. margie says…

    I can't tell you how much fun i am having...the kids are involved,Grant Aslett is involved it's been a blast! My DT members are having a ball too...I love getting shots of them documenting!
    This is the perfect week to do it...Change is in the fall air...lots going on, nothing going on...perf!
    love you girl...
    thanks for inspiring...
    kiss kiss
    ps man wow nice boobs!

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  18. Carrie says…

    I will be taking your "Week in the Life" class at CKC Seattle, and I'm so excited to have a bit of a headstart on some of my ideas. I jumped into your blog a bit late to start documenting this week (I'm so totally compulsive with correctness that I have to start on a Monday or I'd be fretting the whole time-not a good quality in a scrapper, oh well, I make it work), so I'm going to "see" how you and the other folks work out the kinks and then I'll jump in feet first on Monday! I'm probably most excited to help my very sweet, yet dilusional, hubby understand that teaching 5th graders all day isn't a job where I just sit down and give orders! :-) I can't wait to give my students the camera and see me through their eyes during the day. I'm going to save my lesson plans from the week for my "stuff". Do you think it would be weird to enlist my sitter in this endeavour? My little guy is 15 months, and while I am pretty up to speed with how his days go, it would be fun for me to see how he spends his days with her. Maybe a set of layouts where there is the mommy working day, daddy working day, and Oliver playing day all in the same format so you can "see" where we all are at the same time in a day? Fun, fun!

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  19. Carrie says…

    OK-I just said I was a 5th grade teacher in the previous post, and then realized how horrid my grammar was! HA! And to think I get after my students for not proofreading...

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  20. Kristin says…

    I am still taking lots of photos and loving it!
    Though i have been getting some strange looks sometimes at the photos i have bene taking when out. I have been taking at least 80 photos a day sometimes over 100. Have only collected some receipts from shopping over the past days, but have photographed the mail.
    Can't wait for the weekend to get started organizing!

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  21. Jerrie says…

    I am having so much fun. What a wonderful project. I didn't get quite as many pictures today as the last two, but enough I think. I am so excited to put the album together! I always have my camera with me and take random pictures often so that aspect at least is easy (I don't really notice the stares as I whip out my camera in Fred Meyer!).
    Thanks for the inspiration and the gathering of like minds!

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  22. Jessica Stoops says…

    I am chugging along, today has been harder to write down stuff. I keep on taking pictures and need to go back and look at them. I am hoping the pictures will help me remind what I did not write down in words.
    My husband is away so this week is not totally typical...but it does show how our lives are when he is away. I hope to get more pics of me when he returns.
    Thanks for the challenge and sharing, Jess

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  23. Nicky H says…

    I"m still going- I have my 12x12 pages DONE for Monday and Tuesday! I would love it if you could check out my blog! http://senovia1.blogspot.com/
    This is so awesome! I love this project! Thanks SO MUCH for hosting and having all of us do this with you!

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  24. Latrice says…

    This is still fun so far!!LOL!! I like to blog it so then that way I'm writing my journaling at the same time. Maybe it would help some other's too!! I'm posting my pictures and then rethinking through my day and it happened and tyrping it right out. I'll be glad at the end so I can send my pictures off to shutterfly and start putting this all together.
    That reminds me I do need to collect more stuff. I've been doing more facts, like grocery bill, weather and thought!!
    Thanks Ali. This is a blast. BTW I finally got your book. Even though I was not 1-10 at CHA. I hosted Happy Hour at CKMB. Loving it!!

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  25. Kathleen Noriega says…

    Yes, still going. This is awesome! I urged my friends to join along and the funniest thing happened to one of them. Yeah, you!
    You know who you are ( I'm sure she will be reading this)
    She was at the store documenting and taking photos when a stranger came up and said "Hey, do you know Ali Edwards? Are you doing the project, too?" I'm sure there are hundreds of us documenting our lives this week. How awesome to be part of something so big and so personal. Thanks again for the encouragement and the motivation.

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