Video Tutorial | Printing Two 3x4 Images On A 4x6

I've had some requests over the last couple of weeks for help with how to print 3x4 photos (specially for use in the smaller Project Life page protector pockets). I put together a quick video tutorial that walks you through the steps to put 2, 3x4 images on a 4x6 canvas in Photoshop Elements.

You could definitely adapt these steps to put more 3x4 photos onto a larger background canvas (such as an 8x10).

Ali Edwards | Printing Small Photos for Project Life from Ali Edwards on Vimeo.

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126 thoughts

  1. Kathleen says…

    I have the PSE version 11 and it is not like the tutorial at all. There is no option for floating the levels, even in the expert style. I can't see the icons that you are clicking on for most steps.
    Can someone recommend a tutorial with step by step panels of every click? This is so frustrating for me because I know this should be easy. Perhaps I need PSE for Dummies?
    Thank you Ali for your tutorials. Most of them are very helpful!

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  2. Susan says…

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I did it as I followed along with my own pictures! I hope that some of this becomes second nature for me in the not too distant future!!

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  3. Ronniescrap says…

    Thank you so much for this! Has solved my printing problem. Love Project Life. x

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    1. Ali says…

      Awesome! Happy to help.

  4. Jen says…

    More than a year later this post is STILL VERY helpful, I have the Adobe version of photoshop and have yet to do ANYTHING with it! This is my howework for the night! Thank you :) I also re-posted on my blog so that it will be a help to those that stumble across my blog :)

    Love your blog and everything that you share!


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    1. Ali says…


  5. TeriBeri says…

    Hi Ali. I was playing around with some photos and some of your files last night. How can I add the "love" brush from your "Hello Life" collection to a photo. I first brought in the png file but when I stretched it, it got distorted. Then I realized it had to be a brush. I imported the brushes from that set but I can't figure out how to size the brush to fit the 3x4 photo. Can you help?
    Thank you,

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    1. Ali says…

      Hi Teri - actually you can use the PNG file to add to the photo (vs. the brushes - I almost always just use the PNG files vs. loading the brushes). To not distort the PNG file, hold down the shift key and drag from a corner to resize on the photo.

    2. TeriBeri says…

      Oh that is awesome!! Thank you for the fast reply. I just purchased some new ones yesterday and I'm in love with them. Have a wonderful week!! Hugs and blessings, T

  6. Terry says…

    Brilliant! I needed to read comment #35 to enable "Float All in Windows"and then had the same problem as Carolyn in #38 and found the blank canvas was set to 300 pixels/cm instead of 300pixels/inch!!!

    Then everything worked just as your tutorial.

    Many thanks

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  7. Patricia says…

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I was printing a 4x6 and cutting it down to 3x4 and wasting so much good photo paper. So thank you again ~ I really appreciate it!

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  9. Elena says…

    Okay, I know this is probably a ridiculous question but for some reason I am stuck! When you create your 4x6, what extension do you use to save them so you can print them? I did them and am so proud of myself but every time I try to upload them to print it says "invalid jpeg file". so I am assuming I am saving them wrong! HELPPPPPP!!!

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  10. Elena says…

    I did my pictures for Project Life from this tutorial and it went great. BUT when I went to upload it for printing it it said "invalid jpeg file'. Is there a particular way to save them so that I can upload them and have them printed? Please help!!! These are for my December Daily!!! Thanks!

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  11. Melinda says…

    Thank you so much for this tutorial, Ali. I had to watch it a couple of times but I've got this down now. Yahoo!

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  12. B Smith says…

    Hey, this video still live? I can't seem to get it to play, and yes...I'm new to Project Life :)

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    […] at home or upload to your favourite lab! I had my bookmarks printed at Costco. Here’s a great video tutorial on printing custom size photos that gives you step by step instruction using Photoshop Elements. […]

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  14. mugsie says…

    Hi Ali (or Katie) :) i have one question, I'm not avid in elements so this may be a silly Q but i don't know the answer, would i be able to print photos from my camera, following this tutorial, but not cropping them? some of my photos i want to keep the whole photo but have them as a 3x4. is this possible? Thanks so much! MEG

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  15. jzmcbride says…

    Super helpful tutorial. It's even easier to do it in Canva!

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