Summer Manifesto

Last summer I got a chance to be in Andrea's house for just a bit and will never forget the summer list she had on a chalkboard near her door.

I loved the idea of putting into a list what you want to have happen over the ever-so-short months of summer. Setting an intention sounded like a great plan to me.

Above you see the beginnings of my list. I don't want it to to be too long. I do want it to be things we will actually do and/or things I'd really like to do or have it within my power to make happen.

As I was working on this post I asked Simon, "What are your favorite things to do in the summer?"

"Stay home"

Yep, that's his answer (Oh how I love you Simon) said with a really big smile.

And then he said, "play video games." And then something about not wanting to go camping because there will be dogs there (he's not a fan).

Anna told me she wants to go to the park.

I'm sure we'll do a little bit of everything - staying home, going to the park, playing video games, eating watermelon (yes, I know I spelled it wrong in my list), riding bikes, swimming and maybe even a bit of dreaming. I'm mainly looking forward to the pace and the warmth and being in together.

As I started writing this I googled summer manifesto and found a link to an exercise via Simple Scrapper from 2009: Writing A Summer Manifesto. That post links to a post written by Andrea of Scout that is just completely lovely and awesome. Totally inspiring way to write out a manifesto.


Do you have a summer manifesto (or if you're in another part of the world maybe a manifesto for the season you are about to enter)? If you create one for you or your family and post it on your blog I'd love for you to share it below using the link widget or in the comments. Please link directly to your post vs. your general blog link. Thank you!

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  3. Jill Blume says…

    Try this new drink!! You will *love* it!
    You have never had it...It is totally original b/c we invented it!! Pictures are on my facebook page. Enjoy!!

    Recipe for Firefly Lemonade Marintis > > >
    • Pre-make the Rimmer by mixing 2 TBSP granulated sugar with 1 TBSP freshly zested lemon peel. PS - You can make extra and keep this in a plastic container in your refrigerator all summer! It keeps great!!
    • Cut a lemon and rim a martini glass generously with one of the wedges.
    • Dip the rim if the martini glass generously in the Pre-made Sugar-Lemon Rimmer.
    • Combine 1 shot of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and 2 shots of Simply Lemonade in a martini shaker with crushed ice. Shake Well!!
    • Drop 1 scoop of Whole Fruit Lemon Sorbet into your martini glass.
    • Pour in your martini on top of the Sorbet!!
    • Garnish with Fresh Spearmint Leaves.
    • Enjoy your new summer drink!!

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    Whoops i was so excited to join in i posted my link twice! Sorry!
    Thanks, as ever, for the beautiful inspiration Ali xx

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  21. Kathy says…

    Wow your summer manifesto certainly is popular. I bought the templates last year but haven't done anything with it yet. We have just started winter a couple of days ago so I will be inspired by these posts when our summer comes around at the end of the year. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

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