1. Kiwi Crate | The Studio

    Kiwi Crate | The Studio

    Anna and I had some fun the other day putting together a project from Kiwi Crate's new site called The Studio. The Studio lets you browse hundreds of children's projects to make yourself, or if you're not feeling up to taking the kids the store to gather the materials, you can buy everything you need right there. Super coo... Read More

  2. Dear Anna, Love Katie

    Dear Anna, Love Katie

    Dear Miss Anna, Right now you are just bursting with energy and love, sometimes a little too much energy :) Right now you love, love, love barbies. You love dressing them up and have them go to parties, on vacation, and to the grocery store. Right now I've been missing you during the day while you are at school. I'm ... Read More

  3. Cousin Time

    Cousin Time

    A couple of our favorite people are here this week to hang out and get all dressed up for Halloween. These two are quite a pair - born just a month apart - it's always so awesome to see them hanging out together. Lots of happy smiles and giggles. Read More

  4. Dear Anna

    Dear Anna

    Dear Anna, Just a little note to let you know how much I love you. Here's a look at what's happening during the summer you were three: You just started swimming lessons today (with Logan again) and the difference in interest is really big. Katie took you today and reported back that you loved it and had a really fun t... Read More

  5. Anna's First Soccer Practice

    Anna's First Soccer Practice

    I grew up playing soccer. Big-time, weekend-consuming competitive soccer until I entered high school. At that time I had to choose between swimming and soccer because they were the same season. Swimming won out. I have great memories of playing soccer as a kid. Many a weekend and evening were spent on the field and often ... Read More

  6. For The Love Of Laughing

    For The Love Of Laughing

    Sometimes it can be painfully obvious to myself that I might be a little too serious. Last night Anna I and climbed onto her bed to read some of her new library books. The first one she picked out is called Walter The Farting Dog. Okay, ha, ha. Sounds funny and silly and perfect for my three-year-old who loves nothing mo... Read More

  7. Play By Play | Girl's Weekend

    Play By Play | Girl's Weekend

    Simon asked to go spend some time with my parents at the coast so Anna and I had a whole weekend by ourselves. I'm actually pretty sure this was our first weekend all on our own. It was pretty great. Great to just hang out with her, great to let her pick out things to do and watch and eat, great to listen to her laugh and ... Read More

  8. Celebrating Three

    Celebrating Three

    Dear Anna, This past week you turned three years old. That smile in the photo above says it all. Here's a bit about you right now: You love tomatoes. You love barbies - specifically Disney princess Barbies. You love dressing up like the princesses. You love pink & purple and sparkles and lipstick and nail polish.... Read More

  9. Anna | First Ballet Class In Photos

    Anna | First Ballet Class In Photos

    Last week Anna attended her first ballet/tap class. Her enthusiasm was awesome. She was so excited to pack up a ballet bag that included slippers and tap shoes and head to class. There's no doubt I was really, really excited too. I got to watch her through a window and loved seeing her experience the motions and fol... Read More

  10. Capturing Anna | September 2011

    Capturing Anna | September 2011

    Dear Anna, Hi sweet girl. Just wanted to capture a couple things about you right now and get them down in a letter. First thing, we love you so much. Second thing, you are awesome. Third thing, you make the best faces. There's a million more things of course, but those are the three that are standing out right now. Yo... Read More

  11. Because when you are two

    Because when you are two

    it's really fun to draw all over yourself. This was the scene not once but twice on Sunday. It first happened while I was on a run and Chris was hanging out. She asked him for some pens and paper, he obliged and then went back to doing the breakfast dishes while she was in the living room. When I came in the door from my ... Read More