Thursday Gratitudes.

One of the things I try to do when I get stressed out (lots of stuff on my plate right now - good stuff, but stuff nonetheless) is write up a list of gratitudes.

It's an attempt to change my outlook, to refocus and get myself moving forward once again.

Here's my list for today:

1. Working from home. There are positives and negatives to this set-up, but overall I love it and am really thankful that both Chris and I have the chance to work from home.
2. Chris waking up first and making the coffee.
3. Simon still snuggled in his bed still fast asleep at's the first day of summer sleep-in
4. A hydrangea that will bloom for the first time this year.
5. Parking our car in the garage...we keep forgetting that we can and every time we do we talk about how awesome it is (little things, right?)
6. Seeing all Lily's (our black lab) tennis balls in the floor of my studio. Yesterday there were five. Right now she is picking up and dropping her ball on the dining room floor and chasing it as it rolls away and then repeating the whole thing again.
7. Getting ready to teach a new class in Chicago next week. Packing kits and thinking about the students and getting excited to have another experience with a new group of people.
8. So thankful that my niece was born safe and sound just about on time. No NICU this time around for my sister-in-law, brother, and new baby. Even more excited to meet little Lucy soon.

Note: As I sat here writing this list this morning I actually found it to be tough to think
of things. That's a pretty good sign to me that I am out of sync with
feeling thankful on a daily basis. Definitely something I need
to work on again - time to pull out my gratitude file and get to writing things down.

If you are feeling up to it, I would love to read what you are thankful for today.

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166 thoughts

  1. Jaime says…

    I am thankful that all the cardboard boxes I stored from the last time I moved (2 years ago) are still in great condition and are ready to move again!

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  2. Angi Smith says…

    1)I am thankful that my son is doing so well in rehab this time.
    2)I am thankful that my mother survived breast cancer treatment.
    3)I am thankful that my husband has been able to take such good care of me as I have become disabled.
    4)I am grateful for the companionship of our pets.
    5)I am thankful that you felt like posting today after being the guest on Designer Digitals chat last night. Thank you.

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  3. Jo says…

    Grateful for:
    1. Four healthy and happy grandchildren.
    2. Sunshine today. We live in Portland
    area and haven't seen much this year.
    3. Wonderful husband of almost 40 years,
    great friends and family. Very
    4. Living close enough to come and play
    this Saturday with you, Emily and
    others. I am grateful for this
    blog with your creativity and
    willingness to share your thoughts,
    dreams and realities as well as
    pointing us to other blogs you

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  4. Sally says…

    I'm thankful that my parents got back to the UK safe and sound after a three week visit here with us. So thankful for that.

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  5. christen says…

    i really needed this today!
    1. we get to visit our son at scout camp tonight...we're all missing him pretty bad, he brings a lot of joy to our home.
    2. a great husband, we are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary on monday
    3. 4 wonderful, healthy kids
    4. sunshine and no water in the basement for a whole week!

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  6. Peggy says…

    I'm thankful for my job. Which I don't always enjoy but it helps our family live the way we want.
    I'm thankful that I still have my dad even though my mom has past on.
    I'm thankful that both my children are so smart and fun.
    I'm thankful that my mother in law has a pool we get to use on weekends.
    I'm sure there are more but that's it for now.

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  7. Amy says…

    There is a lady on the two peas NSBR forum that asks about daily gratitudes everyday, and sadly there are not usually a lot of responses attached to it. I'm thankful for that lady for the reminder whenever I see her post!
    Today I am thankful for the beautiful weather we've had this week, and finding out that my submission is not due tomorrow afterall. I'm thinking I might take the day off!! Oh and I'm thankful that I'm going to see a James Taylor concert tomorrow night!

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  8. LabMommy says…

    Today has been an off day. So, thank your for this little prompt.
    Today, I am grateful for:
    A great group of people at our Dentist's office.
    Summer vacation & the resulting 24/7 that I get to spend with my wonderful son.
    Summer vacation & the impromptu day trips it allows.
    The National Park Service & their new Gettysburg Military Park Museum & Visitor's Center. An awesome, awesome experience.
    For people who had the courage to stand up for those who couldn't help themselves despite the great risk & sacrifice to themselves.
    For my pup actually being cooperative on going out this morning. It is that big of a deal. LOL!
    For the mix of dog toy's and little boy's toys strewn about the floor.
    For my jacket, as it's quite chilly here today.
    For the dishwasher that lightens my work load.
    For the dirty dishes that is living proof we have enough.
    For my family being safe.
    For dfil mowing the grass.
    For the lovely smell of the sweet little yellow rose on the rosebush that is struggling to survive.
    For being truly happy & content with my life.

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  9. Candice Summers says…

    SOOOO thankful because yesterday I was feeling brave and took my Aspie 6 YO, my Autist 4 YO and my NT 2 YO and 2 month old to a scrapbooking get together my friend was having at her house. She had a sitter upstairs to watch my kids plus 8 others. My kids had never been to her house, never been sat in this kind of situation, never met the sitter or any of the other kids. I thought it was awfully chancy, but I had to give it a shot. The kids walked in the door went right up stairs and played nicely until it was time to go home 4 hours later. I kept pinching myself. I am STILL pinching myself. This is the Summer of freedom for me. I keep taking chances on new social activities for my kiddoes and myself that would never have worked before and they keep working out! I am SO stunned and thrilled. AND THANKFUL.

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  10. Jeanne says…

    I'm thankful for such good friends. They put me on the waiting list for your class next week at Windy City, without me even knowing about the class. I got a phone call from WC while walking through the lobby of our hotel in Seward, Alaska, letting me know there was an opening. I grabbed it! Can't wait for next week!

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  11. Jessica C says…

    ~My hubby and I bought our first house, and we're moving into it on Saturday. I'm incredibly thankful, and so so excited about this!
    ~Next week my grandma is throwing a HUGE birthday party for herself, and my whole family is going up to attend. I'm pretty darn excited/thankful for that, too.
    This is a month of BIG THINGS at our house (even more than I've written about here). I think I'm just trying to be excited about choosing my own direction. That's a pretty huge priveledge.

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  12. Nicky Anderson says…

    Thankful for everyday:
    1-School is almost done for Brody - Grade 1 got tiring near the end of the year
    2-New adventures this summer - Camp Bonaventure for Brody for 2 weeks (special needs camp)
    3-Brody is talking in full sentances now
    4-A wonderful outdoor living space that we love to be out in everyday (setting up the pool this weekend) and a beautiful colorful garden (just starting to come to bloom)
    5-Vibrant and strong daughters that are thriving and amazing individuals - one in the animation industry in Vancouver and on in Calgary attending school for Correctional Behavior
    6-A beautiful little grandson who loves his grandparents dearly
    7-Losing 35 lbs and maintaining during beer drinking weather!! hee hee
    8-The fact that by next week all of the teachers & aids gifts will completed and I can tackle some mini books (can't wait for my first attempt)
    9-Family and friends
    10-Life in general
    Thanks Ali, I often forget to do this!! Life is good.

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  13. yvonne says…

    Love this post! When I'm feeling down or frustrated I run my Thankful List through my head - always helps to put things back in focus.
    1. my husband & children
    2. extended family & friends
    3. roof over our heads and a little money in the bank
    4. my husband is working only four 10 hour days during this summer so he has an extra day at home with us!
    5. that this is the best summer yet and I'm soaking up the time with my boys
    6. that my commute to work is down a flight of steps and my dress code can be my PJ's. AND kids are welcome.
    7. i'm blessed and thankful that God is a part of our lives and keeps watch over us and that my children know him
    8. that my oldest son is down to 3 naet's treatments and on no meds for the first time in 5 years - he's happy, healthy and has a bright future.
    9. that i can be part of this wonderful scrapbooking industry and teach others about preserving memories!

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  14. star8278 says…

    I am grateful:
    1. that I have the perfect boyfriend who gets me, and let's me be me.
    2. that I have an awesome scrap room set up and waiting for me to get started
    3. that I have a secure job that I can duck out early on and start a 3 day weekend without hassle.
    4. that I have a secure job!!

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  15. Nicole says…

    this will be good for me today...the anxiety is high.
    1. Getting married. The wedding part has its ups and downs, but overall it is a huge blessing to be so in love and excited to start a life together
    2. Support. There are at least 10 people I can call at any hour of any day when I need it
    3. Crafting. I never would have described myself as creative, but it the best outlet for stress and keeps me out of depression.
    4. Summer. I'm in Eugene with you - SO glad the sun is finally here. (And campus in the summer is the best...quiet, beautiful)
    5. LTD. They are saving me from high gas prices.
    6. Morning. I love waking up and sitting with the fiance before heading out for the day.
    7. Its almost Friday!

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  16. Ali says…

    These are so great - I really appreciate you guys sharing.

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  17. Nicky Anderson says…

    PS - forgot one of the most important (sometimes take for granted)
    A wonderful husband, father, grandfather, lover and friend who makes all the ups and downs so much better.
    Have a great day!!!

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  18. liesbeth says…

    I am sooooo very thankful that we still have our 15 year old with us... He keeps beating the odds...

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  19. Jen says…

    I am THANKFUL that i'm not working today and I get to spend the day doing laundry and playing with my little Ethan (since I work full time night shifts). =)

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  20. Dana J says…

    I'm thankful for reading your blog and seeing how you are sharing a little bit of you to us, your readers. I'm thankful that my four year old daughter is cancer free and that her chemo is finished. I'm thankful that my two year old is healthy. I'm thankful that I have an AMAZING hubby that is a SAHD, giving all the love, care and TLC that my girls need!
    Thanks Ali for the inspiration you provide.

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  21. Liane says…

    I am thankful for so many things. I agree it is so easy to get overwhelmed and remembering what I have helps me a lot.
    1. I am thankful for our 3 dogs. They never fail to make me smile. They can be lots of work, but they love me unconditionally.
    2. I am thankful for our children. Alec (14) is on the Autism Spectrum and Casey (12) is NT. They are different, can be difficult, and they are amazing young men.
    3. I am thankful that I didn't listen to my EX friends who told me not to marry my DH, almost 20 years ago. Hard to believe our next anniversary is 20 years.
    4. I am thankful we can afford food, housing, and gasoline.
    5. I am thankful that I appreciate many people and many points of view... I am not as judgemental as some and try to see it from another angle.
    6. I am thankful for good medical care.
    7. I am thankful for clean tap water!
    8. Did I mention my dogs? They are so happy and make me happy too!

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  22. Melissa says…

    I am thankful that my cousin is pregnant!!! After two miscarriages, plenty of fertility drugs, and unsucessful invitro....
    YESTERDAY I FOUND OUT SHE IS PREGNANT! We are all hoping this might be the one/the time/the baby... we have prayed for it for so long!
    Our family in general TRULY BLESSED and that is what i am most thankful for!

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  23. O says…

    Thanks for taking the time to share your observations :) Today, I'm thankful for:
    -a quiet morning
    -my relationship w/God
    -healthy children
    -our internet connection is fixed
    -my lovable pets, especially my cat
    -your insight, Ali
    -my abilities

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  24. nicole says…

    TODAY I am thankful for....
    - my small children finally learning how to swim (this totally stresses me)
    - leaving for the lake when the kids wake up for naps... a much needed get-a-way
    - reading amazing blog entries from you, totally being inspired from each entry!
    - being a photography teacher and having off for the summer
    - having a great husband, and great life!

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  25. Tracy Kaufman says…

    It is a nice reminder for all of us to take a minute and be thankful. Insteamd of dwelling on problems. Or on what we do not have. So, THANK YOU for that reminder.
    1. I can walk on my own power
    2. The Summer is finally starting and feeling the sun on my face is so very uplifting
    3. The ability to pay my bills without worry
    4. That I am doing something for my community that not only helps them but gives me great satisfaction
    5. That my husband loves me and accepts me for simply being me

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