Thursday Gratitudes.

One of the things I try to do when I get stressed out (lots of stuff on my plate right now - good stuff, but stuff nonetheless) is write up a list of gratitudes.

It's an attempt to change my outlook, to refocus and get myself moving forward once again.

Here's my list for today:

1. Working from home. There are positives and negatives to this set-up, but overall I love it and am really thankful that both Chris and I have the chance to work from home.
2. Chris waking up first and making the coffee.
3. Simon still snuggled in his bed still fast asleep at's the first day of summer sleep-in
4. A hydrangea that will bloom for the first time this year.
5. Parking our car in the garage...we keep forgetting that we can and every time we do we talk about how awesome it is (little things, right?)
6. Seeing all Lily's (our black lab) tennis balls in the floor of my studio. Yesterday there were five. Right now she is picking up and dropping her ball on the dining room floor and chasing it as it rolls away and then repeating the whole thing again.
7. Getting ready to teach a new class in Chicago next week. Packing kits and thinking about the students and getting excited to have another experience with a new group of people.
8. So thankful that my niece was born safe and sound just about on time. No NICU this time around for my sister-in-law, brother, and new baby. Even more excited to meet little Lucy soon.

Note: As I sat here writing this list this morning I actually found it to be tough to think
of things. That's a pretty good sign to me that I am out of sync with
feeling thankful on a daily basis. Definitely something I need
to work on again - time to pull out my gratitude file and get to writing things down.

If you are feeling up to it, I would love to read what you are thankful for today.

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166 thoughts

  1. kel says…

    thankful for
    *a loving home
    *healthy family
    *grandparents and parents that are a daily part of our lives
    *greatful to be home on mat. leave with my kiddos
    *thankful for the SUN today(and sunscreen)
    *thankful for COKE, man i love that stuff.
    *thankful for the upcoming holiday to get away with family.
    thank you for sharing and making me slow down and take a deeper look at what is important Ali-you rock woman, you rock!

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  2. Teresa says…

    I'm thankful today for:
    -My CSA pickup
    -An interesting slide program tonight on the history of the borough I live in.

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  3. Traci Gann says…

    I'm thankful for
    * the beautiful sunshine that is warm but not miserably hot
    * a great job that allows me to be creative in so many ways
    * that my parents raised my sisters and me to believe we were capable of anything we were willing to work hard to achieve
    * that my sons are happy, healthy and positive young men
    * that I live in a country that embraces freedom and the diversity that comes from freely expressed differences of opinion
    * that I can see the flowers wave, smell the lilacs bloom, hear the birds call, touch the leaves waving in the trees and and sing along to my favorite song on the radio
    * that I can slow down, take a moment, and celebrate how much I have to be thankful for - thank YOU Ali, for reminding me!

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  4. Angie says…

    I'm thankful that my 19 year old daughter asked me to go to yoga with her. It's hard to stay connected when they get older and I cherish the times we still have something in common to share. Another thing we still can do together is scrapbooking. So, I guess I'm thankful for those two things tonight. :)

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  5. Amanda N. says…

    Some things I thought about this week....
    -Thankful for a house to live in, food to eat, and a pretty good health status.
    -Thankful that we made better money decisions this year so I can spend the summer with our son before he heads off to kindergarten :) (I am a teacher and every other summer I have gotten another job to cover bills).
    -Thankful for a good husband, and a son who loves to help Mommy with yard work and organizing the house.
    -Thankful for our family vacation last week!

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  6. Sharon F. says…

    It's hot here in Oakland, with a/c it can be tough - but I am thankful that we have wonderous weather most of the time.
    I am in the throws of a huge anniversary at work which I am responsible for. I am so very thankful I have such an incredible team to work with who have made the entire process and launch of this anniversary a wonderful experience.
    I am thankful that the anniversary event has arrived. (tomorrow morning,Friday,6/20 pre-event activities and on Saturday 6/21. Nervous but very exhilarated at the very same time. My team keeps commenting on now calm I am. I guess its the delta of the both feelings above. I feel relaxed and know that it will be very successful.
    I am thankful to have such a supportive husband and partner. My family and friends as well.
    Thankful I am healthy to enjoy every minute of it all.

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  7. Anna-Marie Still says…

    Thankful for baby #4 - so not planned (by us) whoopsie! But a bigger blessing than we could ever imagine - such a joy to our whole family - he is so loved!
    Thankful that we don't feel the stresses and pressures like we did the other 3 go arounds! Don't get me wrong - Life is still life and we have our struggles from time to time but I feel so FREE this year - LIFE IS GOOD!

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  8. Paolo Liloc says…

    today: all day in and out of a pool.
    this evening: the silhouette of the lone palm tree.
    Finally: warmth in the bones :)

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  9. Dana Nichols says…

    I am grateful that I read this post tonight. Having been with folks all day who have serious drama in their lives, I am thankful that I am at home- where it is peaceful and calm- with my husband who I love dearly (and who is quietly snoring in his chair). I'm thankful for simple joys like flowers blooming on the porch and ripe tomatoes on my kitchen counter and slightly cooler temperatures outdoors. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful!

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  10. Barb @ getupandplay says…

    *that my father-in-law is going to recover fully from his heart attack
    *antibiotics so I can finally be getting well from bronchitis
    *the chance I have to get an education, even when it's hard to persevere and finish
    *a husband who is happy with his new job
    *blogging friends
    *finally having summer here in Utah (we had the LONGEST, SNOWIEST winter this year)

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  11. Amanda McGregor says…

    I am thankful that the worst thing that is happening in my life at the moment is that my washing machine broke down and it will take at least a week to get a technician here to fix it - there could be so manythings so much worse than that!

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  12. MyEbella says…

    I love reading your blog!! Sooo much inspiration....
    I blogged my thankfulness!!!

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  13. Kristi says…

    * My healthy children (and that they are pretty well behaved)
    * Summer Festivals
    * Sunshine
    * Target
    * Memories

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  14. Kathryn Methot says…

    1. My husband arrived home safely from his business trip to Las Vegas.
    2. My son adjusted well and completed his first semester of college with a 4.0 GPA (he has Asperger's Syndrome).
    3. My younger son is overcoming his learning disability and finally learning to read.
    4. My dad drove his motorcycle across the U.S.A. and arrived in Connecticut safely.
    5. My family is healthy and happy.

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  15. Jill says…

    My thankful list for today includes:
    *Emily and Tricia
    *Semi daylight for planting flowers until 9:45
    *Spare Garages for stuff
    *My supportive husband
    *Getting to meet new people this wkend

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  16. Lusi Austin says…

    hi Ali :)
    As i've been getting ready to turn my very old blog into a book, i've been reading over all the old posts and noticed that all of a sudden i stopped posting my '5 things i am thankful for today' and so yesterday (before i had read your post!) i decided it was time to do that again.
    how wonderful :)
    thanks for continuing to inspire in so many ways :)
    lusi x

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  17. denise says…

    i am grateful for the wonderful day i got to spend yesterday with my mom and my nieces. love shopping with girls. and that i have a lawn full of flowerbeds . . . even if it also means i will spending my day pulling weeds and mowing the lawn.

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  18. Bentley Waters says…

    hi ali, im grateful for so many things lately.
    1. not to be living in the city anymore and to have a new house i love.
    2. for my family.
    3. to have a healthy, beautiful little boy.
    4. to have my own business with somewhat a flexible schedule and to work from home.
    5. to be happily married.
    6. and lately, one thing im VERY grateful is that my brother is clean and sober and is living a happy and peaceful life.
    thank you for this post. it was a great way for me to start my day.

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  19. Sandy says…

    I have to tell you...I was feeling the same way that you were just a few days ago, and I couldn't put my finger on why I was so out of sorts. Then, I checked the moon phases, and I figured out that Wednesday was a full moon. I am not hugely into astrology, but I am a moon sign, and I know that it has happened before. Always interesting to see how things line up.

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  20. jenn shurkus says…

    hey ali ;) after a kinda crappy day... that def came in 3's..... it was nice to stop for gas in NH ( on my way to a good friends) and pay .25 cents less then the cape, AND it was full service AND he washed my windows!!! that made me smile

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  21. Jenny Rebecca says…

    I'm thankful this morning that I stayed up past midnight trying to get ahead with getting things done and my baby slept (and is still sleeping!) in so that I still got a full night's sleep AND got ahead a little bit last night.

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  22. Kara Rossewey says…

    Today I am Thankful for:
    - that little extra time to sleep in, due to summer vacation, before I head to work.
    - windows down, radio up and singing along with a few awesome songs on the drive to work.
    - a short line at the drive thru for a tea at Starbucks.
    - that it is Friday.
    - A no problem morning, my son off to summer camp and me off to work.
    - everything just clicked this morning for the start of an awesome day.
    Enjoy your weekend.

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  23. Tammy Vasser says…

    I'm thankful for several things today.
    -The chance to play with my 10 month old son before leaving for work
    -Hugs and kisses from my 2 1/2 year old
    -Hot coffee to start the day
    -Bright sunny day
    -Encouraging words from a friend
    -Being reminded by your blog to be grateful!

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  24. Elise says…

    Thanks so much for sharing and for the encouragement, Ali!
    Today I am thankful for:
    -the new house and the storage it offers (including a garage as well!)
    -a morning phone call from my husband
    -morning sickness finally fading
    -my daughters, who enjoy entertaining themselves while I clean and unload boxes
    -that my husband washed panties for the kids even though I forgot
    Take care and enjoy your time in the midwest!

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  25. Carol says…

    -That I don't have to go anywhere today
    -I get to be a stay at home Mom
    -All 4 kids are healthy
    -Have a swimming pool that the kids love to play in
    -The baby is finally taking a nap
    -It is summer

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