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Thursday Gratitudes.

One of the things I try to do when I get stressed out (lots of stuff on my plate right now - good stuff, but stuff nonetheless) is write up a list of gratitudes.

It's an attempt to change my outlook, to refocus and get myself moving forward once again.

Here's my list for today:

1. Working from home. There are positives and negatives to this set-up, but overall I love it and am really thankful that both Chris and I have the chance to work from home.
2. Chris waking up first and making the coffee.
3. Simon still snuggled in his bed still fast asleep at 9am...it's the first day of summer sleep-in
4. A hydrangea that will bloom for the first time this year.
5. Parking our car in the garage...we keep forgetting that we can and every time we do we talk about how awesome it is (little things, right?)
6. Seeing all Lily's (our black lab) tennis balls in the floor of my studio. Yesterday there were five. Right now she is picking up and dropping her ball on the dining room floor and chasing it as it rolls away and then repeating the whole thing again.
7. Getting ready to teach a new class in Chicago next week. Packing kits and thinking about the students and getting excited to have another experience with a new group of people.
8. So thankful that my niece was born safe and sound just about on time. No NICU this time around for my sister-in-law, brother, and new baby. Even more excited to meet little Lucy soon.

Note: As I sat here writing this list this morning I actually found it to be tough to think
of things. That's a pretty good sign to me that I am out of sync with
feeling thankful on a daily basis. Definitely something I need
to work on again - time to pull out my gratitude file and get to writing things down.

If you are feeling up to it, I would love to read what you are thankful for today.

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166 thoughts

  1. Betsy says…

    Oh this is so timely... as I finish up a crazy amount of work for my Master's degree and my husband is staining the deck all alone as he begins Doctorate classes and I am babysitting my nephew twice a week and the neighbor kids are all over and I plan for a new kindergarten teaching position and all I want to do is work in peace and quiet... and then I remember to take a DEEEEEPP breath and be thankful for:
    *the fact that I am so lucky to have access to higher education
    *the fortunate position I am in to nab a teaching position when there are so many people who are unable to get work these days
    * my loving, hard working, never sit-still husband who is working his tail off
    * my healthy, happy kids who have great friends and neighbors and cousins to play with
    * a roof over my head
    * my beauiful chocolate lab who sits at my feet as I type
    * and a great inspiration in you, Ali, for reminding me to stop stressing and be grateful!

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  2. cata says…

    I am thankful for my good health.
    Regards from Tuscany and thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

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  3. Rachel says…

    I'm thankful that I wasn't hurt worse in my first auto accident ever.
    I'm thankful that I am steadily improving with regular physical therapy for soft tissue damage.
    I'm thankful that I have a wonderful husband who just wants to make sure I'm happy.
    I'm thankful for the companionship my three cats provide.

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  4. Elisabet says…

    I am thankful for:
    1) the love of my life, my fiance Courtney.
    2) my home
    3) my niece Maggie and twin nephews Jack and Reilly, they have completely changed my life
    4) my friends, they have shown much love and patience for me with all the wedding plans
    5) employment, it's not my dream job but I am grateful to have a job in this unstable time
    Ali, thank you for the opportunity to share.

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  5. Melissa LaFavers says…

    Today I am thankful that the weather here in Michigan is so lovely. I am thankful that there are people who love me and offer comfort when I need it. I'm thankful that I turned 40 without any real angst or drama, that I have memories to carry of being with people I love, who love me back and who helped me celebrate.
    I'm also thankful, so very thankful, all the time for my sweet husband, Daniel.
    Thanks, Ali, for getting all our minds on thankfulness.

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  6. Candi Tardio says…

    hi ali...great post!
    i am thankful for my dad, he has helped me out when i really needed it the past couple of months!! plus my friends...they are the GREATEST :)
    can't wait to see ya again at windy city!!! i am sure its going to be a GREAT class :)

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  7. Danielle says…

    I'm overcoming my fear of failure and about to start preparing to go to medical school as a 33 year old mom of 2 young boys. SO EXCITED.
    Thankful my boys are enjoying their summer camps so much.

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  8. karen says…

    i am thankful for the little things. hugs from my little boy. watching my husband play with him. sunshine. good music. :)

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  9. Jenny says…

    I am thankful for the health my family and I enjoy, for a few minutes to read blogs and be inspired, for summer (and the time off to scrapbook and be creative-I'm a teacher). For the zinnias blooming in our yard that we grew from seed. For the amazing love of God. For my husband (who also makes coffee:) For color...I love to stop and look at the color in creation and in what others make.

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  10. falwyn says…

    It's not a little thing, but today I'm thankful for family, and for the amazing love and support I've seen in my in-laws' small town. My 15 year old sister-in-law died in a car accident two days ago.
    It's ALL about gratitude - and loving the people in your life while you have them.

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  11. jessica says…

    I am thankful for YOU!
    See you soon

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  12. vanessa says…

    reading your blog
    my kids
    my husband
    good byes that are not forever
    being a military family

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  13. ms ellie says…

    Gosh, this is so easy for me today, because I have a SUPER-BiG thankful to celebrate. My 12yr son was hit by a car on memorial day, AND IS OKAY. Barely had any injuries. Miracle.
    Thanks for this post. We all need to be thankful every day for so many things.

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  14. Carmen says…

    Wow. I'm thankful for this reminder, and for the many amazing responses. I have a "gratitude journal" and I just looked in it -- my last entry was April 20!! No wonder I've been feeling so down; I haven't been paying attention to the good things. So here are a few just off the top of my head:
    1. the sunshine coming through my office window.
    2. Weight Watchers chocolate caramel 2 point bars.
    3. an excellent, motivating meeting with a client this morning.
    4. my husband and I both being enthused about a possible missions opportunity.
    5. having lots of scrapbooking supplies to play with and time/energy with which to do so.
    6. the fact that the power is on AND my Internet connection is working (either or both have been out for 2 days this past week)
    7. my business having been in operation for more than 5 years and bringing in income every year -- DH says that's more of an accomplishment than I realize some days.
    8. good books.
    9. help from a skilled doctor in dealing with fertility issues.
    10. love.

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  15. tonya says…

    Like you, I felt like I needed a little reminding about the good stuff, so I started a project: whatdoyouloveblog.blogspot.com. It's really new, just started it three days ago, but I'm hoping it takes off and helps us all remember the joy in so many things.

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  16. Joscie says…

    I am thankful that I am an american. so many conveniences and luxuries other countries can only dream about. I am thankful for A/C. Diet Coke. Coffee. the Internet. My cucumbers growing outside. My Mother. My Brother is healthy (and sober for a year). My family is healthy and together. My three year old is potty trained! My new lens is on it's way...

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  17. sharon says…

    I'm thankful for a work environment that allows me to work out on my lunch break. I'm always so much more energized; it's my favorite time of day for exercise.
    I'm thankful that I'm finally getting over this cold.
    I'm thankful that the sun is shining in Portland today.
    I'm thankful to my bf for helping me reorganize my living room *and* get my wireless internet hooked up. Now "home" is an even more fantastic place to be!
    That was fun, let's do it again soon.

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  18. Christina H. says…

    What a great topic, and something that I try to do as well.
    Today, I am thankful that my husband is home, even if for just a few days, in between business trips. I am thankful that we both have jobs that we really enjoy. Thankful that we will get to see our families in a couple of weeks. I could go on (and probably will on my own), but I'll stop there for now. Thanks again for all the amazing inspiration!

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  19. Heather H. says…

    Great idea Ali. I so need this today. I've fallen behind on my gratitude journal. I'll just list a couple. I'm thankful:
    1. That my aunt didn't die on Tuesday and that she is receiving good care at the hospital.
    2. To have a wonderful family and good friends.
    3. For the sun shining today.

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  20. noell says…

    Thanks for sharing your list, Ali. Here is mine for today.
    I am thankful for...
    1. My housekeeper, who is here right now.
    2. My scrapbooking business--that my husband and I are partners and I have such minimal behind-the-scenes work.
    3. Fruits and vegetables and my plant-based, whole foods diet. Feels so food.
    4. That I have time to cook real meals...good, healthy meals, almost every day.
    5. My lifestyle--all of my responsibilities (except for house upkeep) are also my hobbies and things I love to do. Wow, I think about this all the time and feel so lucky.
    6. My husband's grandmother, who I adore, just moved into town, only a few minutes away from me.
    7. Living in a sunny place where I get to wear sandals, flip-flops, and tank tops all the time.
    8. I didn't book my kids for a gazillion activities/workshops this summer. I love that we can do whatever we want and are free to do spontaneous things for the first time.

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  21. Jamie says…

    I'm thankful because I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was POSITIVE!!!! I'm thankful that God has blessed my husband and I with a pregnancy.... and that this little bub is going to be strong, healthy, and happy! :)

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  22. Chelle says…

    I am grateful for summer vacation...one of the perks of being a teacher. I love the time to get out of bed and dressed when I want, time doing whatever sounds fun to my son and I, hitting the beach, floating on the boat, etc.

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  23. Krista Reymann says…

    Thankful for: working from home and a flexible work schedule; the awesome friends God has placed in my life; Jeff and his willingness to really "partner"; intuition; morning pages and the insights they provide; music; my good health; the written word. :-)

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  24. Els says…

    At this moment I still can't get over the fact I actually passed my test in statistics.
    I went back to college last september to get my bachelor degree in Information Management Services and I knew this subject was going to be a major challenge. I am so happy right now I would actually be able to frame this test.
    I am counting down untill our summer vacation. We're heading down to Brittany in France and I am hoping - and doing some really creative praying - for lots of sunshine!

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  25. Amanda says…

    today I am thankful for
    -sunshine and cool breezes
    -seeing my daughter's preschool teacher at Target (love the community feeling of the twon where we live)
    -healthy baby girl
    -hope & prayer
    -the undivided attention of my Lord and Savior
    -the smell of chocolate brownies baking

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